How can I find clients who purchased a certain pricing option, but nothing else?

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This article will assist you in generating a report to find clients who purchased a certain pricing option, but has not purchased anything else.


1. Go to Reports > Sales > Sales by Service.

2.Choose your filters:

  • Enter Date Range.
  • Click on Service category dropdown and choose one.
  • You can select Show discontinued pricing options to include pricing options that may be old or no longer used in the report.
  • Click on Pricing Option drop down and choose the specific pricing option only.(Uncheck All Pricing option, to then just check the one box for specific pricing option).
  • Check circle next to Accrual Based Accounting, under the Options Column.
  • Click Go under the Generate section. You will see a list generate at the bottom


3. Click the yellow Tag new icon. You will see a blue bar at the bottom that shows how many clients are tagged.

6. Check the box next to Show tagged Client Only in the top section.

7. Run the Sales by Service Report again for the same dates. However, this time select all the pricing options except the on you chose in Step 2. This will result in a new list at the bottom.


8. Click the red Untag Clients icon in the Generate section. The blue bar at the bottom now shows you how many client were removed from the list.

9. Go to Reports > Clients > Mailing Lists.

10. Check the box for Tagged Clients only. Note-you can also click all clients no matter their opt in preference or just view clients who have opted in only.

11. Click Generate.

The final list should be those that just purchased the specific item you were looking for and nothing else.




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