How do I get an email list for all of my clients?

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If you would like to send an email or print mailing labels for all of your clients, you can do so by following the steps below. The Mailing List report will help make it easy for you to gather their addresses, so you can use your own email program to send the email.

  1. Log in to your MINDBODY Site as the owner, or staff with permissions to see this report.
  2. Go to Reports > Clients > Mailing Lists.
  3. Click to highlight the word Email List in the upper left corner of the filter.
  4. Click Generate.
  5. Right-click to "Copy" the highlighted box full of email addresses.
  6. Open a new email using your email program.
  7. We recomment you right-click in the "BCC:" section of your new email and choose "Paste".
  8. You are ready to write the email you will send to your clients, and send.

Constant Contact is a third-party marketing tool that allows you to send and track email campaigns. Our integration feature automatically updates mailing lists from your MINDBODY site to Constant Contact. Click here to learn more.


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