Why can't my clients sign up for class online?

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The Online Scheduling Restrictions Feature will help you understand what restrictions have been applied to online sign ups and what might be preventing your clients from signing themselves up. This feature make roadblocks for online sign ups more visible, and allows for a fast and simple resolution, should one be needed.

To find Online Scheduling Restrictions:

    1. Click on your Classes Schedule Tab.
    2. Find the affected class in the schedule and click on the Settings Gear on the right.
    3. In the dropdown menu, select View Client Sign-Up Restrictions.

A pop-up window will appear and show you a list of restrictions that are applied to that class. While there are many individual restrictions able to be applied, they are grouped into three major categories:

Red alerts: Clients cannot sign themselves up for this class in Consumer Mode.


Yellow alerts: Some clients can sign up for this class online, but others will be restricted.


Green alert: This class is open to all online sign-ups.







Good news! You can resolve any and all of these issues directly from the popup window.

Simply click on the restriction listed. The pop-up will reload to the above screen (example) and prompt you to click Yes to resolve the issue.


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