How can I search for clients by age?

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This article will help you generate a report of clients by age.



  • Make sure 'Children's Program Feature' is enabled under the General Setup and Options. Go to Home> Manager Tolls> Settings> General Setup and Options> Client Management>check box next to 'Children's Program Feature' to enable



1.) Click on the Clients tab> this will take you to the Lookup Client screen.

2.) Click "Filters" to expand the search filters.

3.) Create a threshold of ages to search by using the dropdown menus beside the “Age” filter.

4.) Click search and your results will only consist of clients within the age group you’ve specified.





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    Technical Support Specialist

    The current age cutoff is 99. This would be nice to expand a little bit so Senior oriented businesses would be able to look up clients older than that.

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    Nacho Siordia

    Can we make this article client facing?

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