How do I email a balance statement to a client?

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  1. Go to Reports> Clients> Account Balances
  2. Click Generate
  3. Choose a client and click on 'Create Statement'
  4. Click on the Export to PDF button. It will open with Adobe Reader.             
  5. Go to File> Send File> Attach to Email ... (or click on Envelope icon and attach to email ) This will ask you to open your default email.                   
  6. Choose the default email application and click Continue                                      
  7. Enter the client's email address into the 'To' field, add any other message and then send.


Things to know

  • The solution below uses Adobe Reader.
  • You can also save statement as a PDF and manually attach it to an email to send to the client, using your email, if you do not have Adobe Reader. 


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