How can I move one item from Client 'A' to Client 'B'?

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This article will assist you with learning how to move either one item or multiple items from one client to another.

You may find the need for this if you accidentally sold an item to one client, but should have been sold to another. The payment went through on the correct client, but the item shows up in another clients account.



  • If you want to track an item as a donation, you would follow through using the Multiple item transactions, but first, it would be to your benefit to create a donation payment method that will track those kind of sales in the system. For more information on this, please click here.
  • There is also a way to set up client relationship so that pricing options can be shared between two clients. For more information, please click here.
  • Finally if you do not wish to set up the relationship, but still want to share pricing options between two people , please click here.



Choose the appropriate action below:

  • Multiple item transactions-You will need to return item to account of person who bought item, Then take this person to retail to purchase item for another client using account as the payment method.



One item transactions

  1. Navigate to the Purchases page of the client who bought the item
  2. Client the Sale ID link on the far left of the item needing to be transferred
  3. Click on Edit Sale on the far right
  4. Under Change Client,search for client B. Choose their name. Make sure Client B's name is next to the words "New Client"                                    
  5. Click Update Sale
  6. Check both accounts to make sure transfer made it over


Multiple item transactions

  1. Navigate to the Purchases page of the client who bought the item.
  2. Click the Sale ID link
  3. Click Return this item for the individual item
  4. Enter a brief reason for return and click Choose Refund Method
  5. Select Account as the refund method
  6. Click Save
  7. Go to the retail screen and look up the client who originally purchased the items
  8. Click Pay For Another Client (far link on right along side Add Item)
  9. Look up Client 'B'. Choose their name. Make sure their name shows next to the words "Services for"
  10. Click Look Up Item on the far right
  11. Find the item that Client 'B' should have
  12. Select it, and then click Add Item
  13. Choose Account as the payment method
  14. Complete the transaction by clicking on Save No Receipt or Save Print Receipt
  15. Check both accounts to make sure transaction was made



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