Discounts and Promotions FAQs

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This article with give you some information about discounts and promotions as used in MINDBODY.



What is the order of precedence for Discounts/ What discounts apply first?

Only one type of discount can be applied to an item for sale. The MINDBODY System will automatically apply the discount ranking first in the following hierarchical order:

  1. Promotions
  2. Discounts issued Manually at the Retail POS
  3. Contracts
  4. Multi-Enrollment Discounts
  5. Early Bird Discounts
  6. Memberships

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How do I give members a discount on products or services?

1. Make sure the appropriate membership has a discounted rate filled in under Home> Manager Tools> Membership Setup. There is a section for Retail Products and one for services. Once you entered the percent, click Save at the bottom.

2. Go to the specific service

A. Go to Home> Services and Pricing> Pricing>

B. Choose pricing item> click Advanced Options>

C. Click yes next to 'Need to set up advanced settings (e.g., members discounts, restrictions)?'>

D. Click 'Save with Additional Options'> scroll down to Advanced Settings>

E. Next to Apply member discounts, highlight the membership(s) in the box that allows a discount by clicking on them and they will highlight>

F. Click Save at the bottom.

Note: There is a tool that can be run only by Technical Support Staff that can set this option for all your services or products at one time. You will need to call into Technical Support to request this. Please know you will be required to confirm ownership of business for us to perform this action.

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Why isn't the member discount being applied in the retail screen?

  • Make sure there are not additional discounts being applied in the transaction. Reference the hierarchical order listed above.
  • Check the membership setup to make sure the discount % is correctly filled in for either services or products.
  • Check the Pricing Option or Product to make sure that membership discount is selected.
  • Make sure the client currently has the discounted membership. They should have the membership icon displayed.

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Can discounts be given for purchasing multiple services?

  • No, discounts cannot be automatically given based on how many of a certain pricing option a consumer purchases.
  • The workaround is to create a pricing option (or package) that includes the total number of sessions and duration equal to purchasing multiple of the original pricing option, and have the price reflect the discount. For example: make a pricing option for buy 5 massages get 1 free. It would have 6 sessions and the price point of 5 massages.
  • A unique pricing option (or package) will need to be created for each set of multiples you anticipate the consumer will want to purchase and have the corresponding price include the discount.See Example below:
    • Business sells 1 drop in rate for $10, but if the consumer purchases two they get 10% off, and if they purchase 3 or more they get 15% off.
    • You would set up at least three separate pricing options: Single Drop In for 10$, Drop In with two sessions for $18 (10% off of $20), and Drop In with three sessions for $25.50 (15% off of $30), and so on.

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Can I offer a discount to clients that are buying another class card?

  • You can create a promotional code and give this to clients to use on their next purchase. This can be added as a receipt note to be sent out on every receipt sent from the system. If the client only wants to offer the discount for people who purchased a specific item you can add a receipt note to individual pricing options in the advanced options section.
  • You can make the original purchase a membership pricing option and build a membership discount into the secondary pricing

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Can I use Early Bird Discounts with Pricing Options set to use per session pricing?

  • When using Per Session Pricing & Early Bird Discounts, the discount will only give a discount one time, rather than for each session. For example a drop in is normally $15 and there is an early bird discount of $5. The drop in pricing option only has 1 session and per session pricing is enabled. The consumer updates their quantity in the shopping cart to 10. The early bird discount will only apply to the 1st of the 10 bringing their total to $145 (9 at full price $15 and 1 at early bird discount $10).

  • A client can add multiple single items to their cart getting the early bird discount on each item.

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Can you set a specific end date for a discount?

Option 1:

  1. Select a specific date for the pricing option to activate on
  2. Calculate how many days the duration should be so that it will expire on the date the client wants it to expire on.
  3. The system will automatically discontinue the pricing option once the duration has passed.
  • Example: If the activation date is 5/1 and the duration is 45 days the series will expire on June 15th.

Option 2:

  1. If setting a specific activation date for the pricing option won't work, the client can go online the day the offer expires and uncheck "sold online"

Option 3:

  1. Set up a promotion code for an existing pricing option
  2. The promotion code allows you to set an activation date AND expiration date
  3. You can set the discount for the special

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Can two different promotional codes be used when checking out multiple items on one ticket?

Yes. It can be done two ways--

  • After you add the item to the ticket you can apply the promotional code associated to that item. Search, select and add the second item and apply that promotional code. This also applies to checking out in consumer mode.
  • Or, you may add each item to the ticket, and then enter each code in. It should discount the items that apply to the specific promo codes.

Please note:

  • This works best when promo codes only apply to specific items.
  • If both items are added to the ticket before you apply the first promotion code, and that promotion code applies to both items on the ticket, you will no longer have the opportunity to enter another promotion code. This is because two promotion codes cannot be applied to the same item.

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Can a client discount just the first month of a Contract?

  1. In your Retail Point of Sale, you will select the contract to be sold.
  2. Uncheck the Pay Now box (regardless of the actual start date) and process the sale as you normally would.
  3. Go to the client's Account Details and go to their AutoPay Schedule.
  4. Adjust the first autopay to the discounted price and check the box to the far right.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page (if it should be run today) and select Run All Checked Transactions Now.

Any adjustment to the price of a Contract in Retail, whether it be a price override or a discount, will reflect the adjusted price in all autopays scheduled for that particular contract and client.

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Why am I receiving the error message, 'We're sorry. You must first log in to use this promotion' when I just want my clients to be able to apply the code and then log in?

If the 'Max Number of Uses,' in the Promotion Setup, is set to anything other than 'Unlimited' the system will make your clients log in before being able to apply the code. It is trying to keep track of the individual that is using the code.


  • Set up a specific pricing option with the Introductory Offer setting on. This restricts the client's to purchase the pricing option once. The promotion code needs to be setup with the 'Max Number of Uses' as 'Unlimited' which will allow clients to purchase this pricing option and put in the promotion code before logging in.

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