How do I set up multiple cash drawers?

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How do I set up multiple cash drawers?


Enabling also adds the permission of "Set up cash registers" under Manager Tools Permissions. It is set as unchecked as the default. If you want your managers to set up cash registers, be to sure to check it.


  1. Home > Manager Tools > Settings > General Setup & Options
  2. Under Retail Settings, enable Cash Drawers (Multiple).
  3. Click on Update to save.
  4. Log out of MINDBODY Site and log back in.
  5. Home > Manager Tools > Settings > Cash register Options
  6. Add New Cash Register.
  7. Click on Add Cash Register to save.
  8. Rename Cash Registers as/if needed.
  9. Click on Update Cash Registers to save.
  10. When staff log into the business site, they will be given the option to select which cash register they are using. 


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