Classes: Comps On the Payroll Report

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Comps on the Payroll Report are different than using the "comp/guest" payment method button in the Retail screen.

Pricing options that register as comps on the Payroll Report will appear green on the class sign in sheet.


  • If a client purchases a pricing option that has the advanced option "Does the instructor get paid for this client?" set to No and uses the pricing option to pay for their class, it will result in a comp on the payroll report. On the class sign in sheet the pricing option will be in green colored text.
  • If the Class and Event Option called "Pay Teachers for No Shows" is set to NO, and there are clients listed on the sign-in sheet but the Signed In box is not checked (applies for both no show/absent and late cancel), the teacher will not be paid and any payment that the client made for the class will be shown in green text, indicating a comp.

Note: Although not technically a "comp", the teacher also won't be paid for any pricing option that costs $0.00 if the teacher's pay is a percentage rate.


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