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Why can't I change the client ID from their profile?

The assign button is missing due to the option " Id Cards" in General Setup & Options not being enabled.

To enable the setting, go to General Setup & Options, then open the Client Management section, check the box next to "ID Cards", and update.

* If it does not show up immediately, log out and back in.


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How do I check a client's profile creation date and if the profile was created in Business or Consumer mode?

  1. Check the "history" link on the clients profile.
  2. If the client's profile was created in business mode there will be a "created by" field, which will show the name of the staff member who created the profile or owner.
  3. If there is no "created by" field in the clients profile history it means the account was created online or in consumer mode.

Note: In order to see the profile creation date on the clients profile the "Sales Team Management" feature has to be enabled in the General Setup & Options.( Home > Manager Tools > Settings > General Setup & Options > System Settings)



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How do I clear a client's username from their profile?

Usernames cannot be removed.

In the past, the system allowed for clients to have a personalized non-email username. At some point usernames were defaulted to the client's email address. For clients who have a username, not an email address, the username cannot be removed. However these clients may use either their username or their email address to log in.



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How can I attach a file to a client's profile?

  1. Go to Home > Manager Tools > Settings > General Setup & Options
  2. Jump to Client Management
  3. Enable Client Document Uploads
  4. Log out, then log back in
  5. Look up a client that needs a file attached to their profile
  6. Click on "Documents" at top right of screen
  7. Click Browse button
  8. Select file to attach to client's profile

Note: There is a 5MB max for each file uploaded



How do I add a customer's photo to the system?

  1. Look up client
  2. Go to client profile
  3. Click on Photo
  4. Click on Browse to locate the photo you wish to upload to the system
  5. Click on Upload to save

NOTE - this feature can only be used in Business Mode, and the Express app.


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How can you tell when a client profile was deactivated?

In the client's Profile below the "Activate" button, to the left of the "Collapse All" link, will be a line of text reflecting First Visit, Last Visit, and Deactivated date. For example:

"First visit January 12, 2013 | Last visit January 12, 2013 | Deactivated on 3/6/2014 12:42:39 PM"


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How do you reissue/recycle client ID cards so they can be used again?

  1. Go the the profile the card was issued to
  2. Go to edit name
  3. Next to ID, click "assign"
  4. Change the Client ID code to something systematic. For example if the ID was SOK1234, make it XSOK1234 (perhaps X can stand for an inactive client)
  5. Update and save client information
  6. Issue the card to the new client based on the steps to issue a new bar code


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How do I make an inactive client active again?

  1. Go to Client Lookup
  2. Expand Filters from top left
  3. Change "Active Clients" to say "Inactive Clients" or "All Clients"
  4. Search for the client
  5. Go to client's profile and click "Activate" on the far right
  6. Then add the client to the class sign-in sheet
Also, an inactive client account will reactivate when a client logs into their account in Consumer Mode.


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Where do I change the default location assignment for a client?

  1. Lookup Client
  2. Go to Client Profile
  3. Click on the Address field to open it
  4. Change Location
  5. Click on Save


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