How do I find the capacity utilization of my resources?

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Using the Schedule at a Glance Report and the COUNTIF function in Excel, you can find the capacity utilization of your resources.


  • Must have Microsoft Excel


  1. Go to REPORTS>Staff>Schedule at a Glance.
  2. Set a date range, and then check the box for "Rooms" in section 3 (Options).
  3. Click Go! (Generate).
  4. Click the 'XLS' icon to export to Excel.
  5. In Excel, you'll want to use the following function to count how many times each resource is listed in the 'Room' column (thereby giving you the capacity utilization of that resource):

=COUNTIF(range, "criteria")

For example, if the "Room" column has values from cell F2 down to F100, your range will be listed as F2:F100. If the name of one of your resources is Studio A, the "criteria" will be "Studio A". Make sure to include the comma, space, and parenthesis. After typing in the function, hit "Enter" on your keyboard to get the total number of times that resource was listed in the column. This is the capacity utilization.




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    This is great! Thank, Nicole.

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