How do I add or change my business logo?

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  1. Click on the Home tab.
  2. Select the Manager Tools subtab.
  3. Press the Settings button.
  4. Choose Business Information.
  5. Click on the Logos & Colors left side tab.
  6. Upload your logos. Each section notates size requirements of the logo. Use JPEG files as PNG files may have transparency and can distort image.
  7. Save any changes you make.






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    Wendy M.

    This menu path has toolbox in it.

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    Katie C.


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    John Zinkowich

    Is there a maximum size? If the size is too big does it scale it back? It seems to resize the logo on auto emails but do we know what size it is being resized to? What image file types are accepted? I was asked all of these questions by a client who really wanted to know.

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    John Zinkowich

    Found this out through trial and error: "File size exceeds 3.9MB limit. Please upload a smaller file." It would be nice to have some actual information regarding this available somewhere for reference.

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