How can I get my clients to pay their negative account balance online themselves?

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Be sure to set up the Account Payment so that your clients can choose this in Consumer Mode

  1. Go to Home > Manager Tools > Account Payments
  2. Click Add new
  3. Type in name of account payment for the description; ie., Account Payment
  4. Leave the selling price and credit amount as $0.00
  5. Check the 'Allow clients to choose the amount'
  6. Check the Sell Online box
  7. Click Add

Now tell the clients the following:

  1. Have the client log in,in Consumer Mode
  2. Go to the Online Store Tab
  3. Click on Account Payments accross the top
  4. Select the Account Payment (the one you created above) from the drop down
  5. Enter the correct Amount to purchase
  6. Then complete the sale



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