How can I add hours for the front desk staff that shows on the schedule.

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This article will assist you in understanding how to add hours for the front desk staff or creating appointment availability, so that you can see their schedule on the software. This will just show the time-frame on the schedule that a staff person is working the front desk (times will be shaded as if it looks like availability).

  • You will not need to create appointment types, or assign the appointment types to your staff member's appointment rates and booking times. We are creating this to show the front desk hours on the appointment schedule.
  • You may want to create a separate, new tab for this to show so that it is separate from the appointment schedule.



Create a front desk schedule

Follow procedure below:

  1. Click on Home > Services & Pricing > Appointments > scroll towards the bottom and click Add new Service Category
  2. Rename the service category to what you are calling your front, "Desk Staff Schedule."
  3. You do not need to add an appointment type, since all that we are doing is showing the hours marked for front desk staff on the schedule.
  4. Next, go to Home > Staff. Click on a staff member's name.
  5. Once you are in the staff's profile, make sure the Instructor (for appointments) box is checked.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Then, click on Appointment Availability.
  8. Click on the green Add New Schedule button.                                                    
  9. Enter the information needed on the Add Availability page. 
    • Show staff as: Available
    • In the "What services..." dropdown, check the Desk Staff Schedule service category.
    • Choose the days of the week along with hours.
    • Next to Privacy, choose Hide schedule from clients, if you have no need to show clients.
  10. Click Add. 

Now you will see the Front Desk Person's schedule on the Appointments tab.

Note: Appointments can't accidentally be booked, since we didn't create any appointment types. The schedule is there to keep track so you can see when the front desk are scheduled.

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Create a new Tab

If you want the Front desk staff schedule on a separate tab other than the appointment tab (which is normally just for client booked appointments), you can create a new tab. Please follow below:

1. Home > Manager Tools > Settings > Tab Management.
2. Under Add a New Service Category Tab, enter the name as "Desk Staff" for both Business mode and consumer mode, but uncheck the "show" window for consumer mode. The Business Mode "show" should be checked.
3. Select the type of appointments.
4. Click on the add new tab button on the far right.
5. Now it's listed under Current Service Category Tabs. Under the "Service Categories Assigned" column, highlight the Service Category as "Desk Staff Schedule"
6. Click Update Tabs.

Now you will have a separate tab on the top, that will show who is scheduled just for Front Desk (Desk Staff).

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