How do I allow staff to add clients to classes but restrict them from seeing client information?

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How do I allow staff to add clients to classes and/or book appointments for them but restrict them from seeing our clients information?


  • You will need to make sure that certain staff permissions are set up correctly
  • Must be logged in as owner to set these permissions up


  1. Go to Staff Permissions under Home> Manager Tools> Staff Permissions> Select Permission Group that they are under
  2. Check the following Permissions:
    • Click on Reservation Permissions, enable 'View Reservation' and 'Make Reservations' (also, 'Make Unpaid Reservation' if allowed) 
    • Click on Client Permissions, disable 'View Client Profile' and 'Edit Client Profile
    • Click on Sales Team Management Permissions, enable 'Ability to View all Clients' 
    • Click Update to save
  3. Now your staff can still add clients to classes and appointments but they will receive and error message when trying to access client information.


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