Can I set different rates for different tasks on the time clock?

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Time clock tasks allows you to set an hourly pay rate for staff members who fill different roles within your business.


  1. Go to Home> Manager tools> Settings > Time Clock Tasks
  2. Create at least one other task. Remember to click Update Tasks
  3. Go to Home> Staff
  4. Choose a staff member and click Class/Hourly Pay Rates/Commission Pay Rates in upper right of the profile.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen until you get to the Hourly Pay rates
  6. Set the rate for the default as well as any other tasks you created.
  7. Click Save

Please note that the default time clock rate is a standard entry created in your software and cannot be edited through this screen. If you use only a single pay rate for your hourly employees, then they can choose "None" from the dropdown menu when clocking in to receive this default rate.


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