Where can I find hardware pricing and shipping weights?

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  • Hardware pricing can be found on our website, here.

Domestic shipping size and weight for individual hardware pieces as well as bundled packages are listed below:


Hardware Shipping size and weight (domestic)*

Individual Pieces 

Cash Drawer (CD) - (18lbs., 21x21x8 in.)

Receipt Printer (RP) - (7lbs., 12x10x12 in.)

Wired Scanner (SC) - (4lbs., 12x9x6 in.)

Credit Card Reader (CC) - (1 lb., 11x10x3 in.)

Label Printer (LP) - (4 lbs., 12x9x6 in.)

Mobile Swipe (MS) - (1lb., 11x10x2 in. or 10x7x2 in. if you fold envelope)

Mobile Barcode Scanner (MSC) - (3 lbs., 12x9x6 in.)

Wireless Scanner (WSC) - (4 lbs., 12x9x6 in.)



Bundle A+ = CD, RP, SC, CC, LP / (34 lbs., 21x21x19 in.)

Bundle A = CD, RP, SC, CC / (30 lbs., 21x21x19 in.)

Bundle B = CD, RP, CC / (28 lbs., 21x21x19 in.)

Bundle C = CC, RP / (8 lbs., 12x10x12 in.)

Bundle D = CD, SC / (25 lbs., 21x21x19 in.)

Bundle E = CD, RP / (27 lbs., 21x21x19 in.)

Bundle F = RP, SC, CC / (11 lbs., 20x12x12 in.)

Bundle G = LP, SC / (8 lbs., 12x10x12 in.)

Bundle H = LP, SC, RP / (15 lbs., 20x12x12 in.)

Bundle I = LP, SC, RP, CC / (16 lbs., 20x12x12 in.)




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