How do I make just one day of a normal class free? I want to set free class for just one day of a multi-day class?

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This article will explain how to make one single day of a multi-day class, free.





Option 1: Through the Class

  1. Go to Classes tab and click on title of class you wish to offer a free day on
  2. Click "Make Schedule Change" at bottom right
  3. Choose Permanent- from Date Forward
  4. Set the Start Date to the date of the free class
  5. Choose Class Change and choose exact same class
  6. Click Submit
  7. Then click "Make Schedule Change" again
  8. Choose Permanent- From Date Forward again (you may get a pop up warning tell you about the next step)
  9. Set the Start Date to the date after the free class
  10. Choose Class Change and choose exact same class
  11. Click Submit- This has now separated that one day away from the rest
  12. Go to the one day that you want to offer as free and click on the name of the class
  13. Make sure it only shows the one day in the start and end date
  14. Check the box for Free Class
  15. Click Save

Note: If you have clients enrolled in an event and you wish to keep them there, this option will also retain the roster.


Option 2: Through the Gear Icon

  1. Go to Classes Tab and go to date of the class you want to set up as free
  2. Click on gear icon to the far right of the class
  3. Choose "Cancel or delete class"
  4. Choose "Cancel this one class" from the red pop-up light box
  5. Choose to Hide from schedule
  6. Click Complete Cancellation
  7. Go to Home> Services & Pricing
  8. Find the class and click "+ Schedule"
  9. Schedule it for just the one free day (have End date dropdown say "Class only happens once" or "Specify End date," but make sure the dates are for that one day, in the same year. Go through and fill out the rest and click Schedule Class
  10. Once it is scheduled, click on the name of the class in the Classes tab
  11. Check the Free Class checkbox
  12. Click Save





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