How to Offer a Free Class to New Clients

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This article will assist you in understanding how to offer a free class to a new client.



  • This will be just for new clients and will prevent clients in the system from purchasing.



  1. Click on the Home Tab > then click on Services and Pricing.
  2. Under the Service Category for the offer you want to provide, click on Add Pricing and then click Single session.
  3. Type in name of pricing option.
  4. Set the price to $0.00.
  5. Check "Sell Online".
  6. When it the expiration date
  7. Select Revenue Category from dropdown.
  8. Click on Additional Settings. Where it says, "Is this an introductory offer?" select "Yes, for new clients only."
  9. Click Add.

The system will now recognize if client purchasing this is a new client or not, in both Consumer and Business Modes, and if new will have this pricing option available to them. If client is not new, the option won't even show to purchase.





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