Classes: What do the colors that flash on the Class sign in screen mean?

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If your Sign in Screen settings is set to "By Sign In status" the colors will appear and be defined as follows:

  • Green: Once your client tries to sign him- or herself in, the screen will turn green if her or she is signed up for a class and have pre-paid
  • Yellow: The background turns yellow if the client is not signed up for a class, but doesn't have any outstanding amount owed
  • Red: If the client signing in has an outstanding balance due, then the screen will turn bright red, and is an opportunity to prompt them to make a purchase.


If you Sign in Screen settings is set to "By Membership Status"

  • The background color will display the membership icon color, or nothing if the customer is not a member

To locate and edit your sign in screen options:

Go to Home > Manager Tools > Settings > Class & Enrollment Options > Booking and Sign-in Policies > Sign In - Change background color.



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