How do I change the time/teacher for one day of a class that is scheduled for multiple days?

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A permanent date forward change for only one of the scheduled weekdays needs to be made. But multiple days of the week were scheduled together, making it hard to change just one single day.

Follow the example below to learn how to fix this. Please note that these are workarounds.



  • Workarounds can cause issues. Such as: you can no longer Advance Register a client from the original start date of the class until the original end date of the class because the class will now be broken in half.
  • You can, however, Advance Register a client from the beginning of the new class until the end of the new class. Just keep these things in mind when walking clients through workarounds.





As an example to refer to, let's say you have a class scheduled from January 1 2012 to December 31 2012. You want to change the teacher for only the class that occurs on May 18 2012.


Option 1

  1. From the class schedule click on the class gear to the right of the class and select Edit Class Setup.
  2. Click Make Schedule Change at the bottom-right.
  3. Choose permanent from date forward and enter May 18 2012 as the date.
  4. Check the 'Time Change' box.
  5. Enter a new start and end time. Submit.This creates a new class with a new start date of May 18 2012. The original class now has a new end date of May 17 2012.
  6. Click Make Schedule Change again and select Permanent From Date Forward.
  7. Select the day after - May 19th.
  8. Check Time Change.
  9. Enter the start and end time of the class as it originally was and Submit.
  10. This creates a second new class with a new start date of May 19 2012. You now have three classes: the original that ends on May 17; a single day class that occurs on May 18; and the third that begins on May 19 and continues until the end date that was already scheduled.
  11. You can now go back to the class schedule, click on the May 18 class.

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Regarding Reservations

Before doing Option 2, please read through and follow instructions for Regarding Reservations first.

If there are clients with reservations on the day of the class that you want to make changes to and you are going to cancel that class and reschedule it, you will need to cancel their reservations first before cancelling the class. Then you can re-enroll them. Here are some handy tips:

  • Before cancelling the class click on the Sign In link to the class.
  • Click the Tag New icon.
  • If there are not too many clients with reservations just manually click the X's to cancel them out.
  • If there are a lot of client reservations go to Home > Manager Tools > Cancel Class & Appointment Reservations.
    • Enter the single date the class occurs in both the Start and End dates.
    • Check day of the week the class occurs.
    • Select Class & Event Reservations from the Types drop down menu.
    • Select the start time for the class. Also enter the start time int he end time box. (i.e. If the class starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 10:00 AM, enter 9:00 AM in both the Start Time and End Time boxes.)
    • Select the teacher currently scheduled to instruct the class.
    • Select Early Cancel.
    • Enter a brief reason for the cancellation.
    • Select Preview Cancellation.
    • Carefully review the list of clients to make sure they are the same ones on the class sign in sheet.
    • If all is okay click Execute Cancellation.
  • Proceed with following the steps in Option 2 to cancel the single date of the class and reschedule the single day class.
  • Once the class is rescheduled you can register all tagged clients in the class.
    • You might have to enable this feature if it's not enabled.
    • It's in Home > Manager Tools > Settings > Class & Enrollment Options.
    • Enable (check) "Class Sign In - Enable Registering Tagged Clients."


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Option 2

(Do only after following instructions for Regarding Reservations)

  1. Click the gear to the right of the class on the day that you want to make the change to it (i.e. May 18).

  2. Select Cancel or Delete Class.

  3. Select Cancel this one class.
  4. Confirm the date is 5/18/12.
  5. Select Hide from schedule.
  6. Click Complete Cancellation.
  7. Click the gear at the top-right of the class schedule page.
  8. Select Schedule a class.
  9. Schedule the same class that you just cancelled.
    1. When scheduling it choose the new time or teacher you want.
    2. Also make sure to select Single Day. In this example select May 18 2012.
  10. Now when you look on the schedule you'll have a single day class on May 18 and a hidden cancelled class on May 18.

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