How can I create a donation (or free) class?

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This article will assist you in creating a donation (or free) class. There are three options for creating this. Pick the best option that will work for you.





Option 1

Make the class free. If you are OK with only accepting cash or check for donations, you can make the class a free class, and accept all donations outside of the MINDBODY system. To make a class free:

  1. Click on the Classes tab then click on the name of the scheduled class.
  2. Check the "free class" checkbox on the far right.
  3. Click "Save."


Option 2

Create a new Service Category and Pricing Option for the donation class (if you want to track the donations in Business Mode).

  1. Create a new Service Category, Revenue Category, Class Type, and Class.
  2. Schedule the donation class under this new program.
  3. Create the Pricing Option that will pay for the class. (Something that you can edit at Point of Sale, based on the amount of the donation)
  4. Be sure to assign the "donation class" revenue category that you created earlier.
  5. These donations will appear in sales reports as revenue, so the business will need to run a report to view all sales under the "donation class" revenue category, and remove that from the sales total as necessary.
  6. Finally, make a Payment Method that is non-cash equivalent called "Donation" so it won't track as actual income.


Option 3

Allow client's to choose donation amount online.

  1. Make sure the revenue category is donation
  2. You create multiple single session pricing options rates: $1, $5, $10, etc.



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