I made my classes free for Valentine's day but then it made all my classes free for the future. Why?

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This article will assist you with how to make just one class free for one day, but not for all of them in the future.

When making one class free for one day, you may notice that it ended up making all of them free. It's about making sure your set up for this function is set up correctly.

For this example, we are using a class on Valentine's day, Feb 14th.





Adjust the Free Class

1. Click on the Classes tab and click the name of the class, in our example we are choosing February 14th.

2. You will notice that the box next to "Free Class" is checked. If you go to other instances of this class, scheduled on Tuesdays, you will see that they are free also. This is what we will fix. Un-check the box next to Free Class. Click Save.

3. Next, we need to isolate that class for one day. Still on the class for 2/14, Click "Make Schedule Change" in the lower right.


4. From the "Please select the type of change, " drop-down, click on Permanent from Date Forward," change class to same name, make sure date is set for 2/14 and click submit.


5. Now go to the next instance of this class on 2/21, click on the title and then click "Make schedule Change."

6. From the "Please select the type of change, " drop-down, click on Permanent from Date Forward, change class to same name,make sure date says 2/21 and click submit.


7. This isolates the class on 2/14 to only 2/14.

8. Go back to class on 2/14 and make the 2/14 class a free sign in, by checking the free box. None of the other instances of the class will be free.



For any non-free classes that have clients signed up as free:

1. Early cancel the free visits out of the class. You can do this by going to the class sign in and clicking the red x to the left of their name. This will early cancel them out.

2. Now just sign them back in, so they are now paying (use a session they already have in account, or require them to pay)







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