Classes: How do I remove a class from the class schedule?

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This article with assist you with two different options for removing a class from the class schedule.



  • Option 1 is the cleanest and preferred way.
  • Option 2 will still list the class as technically scheduled, but it will be scheduled as a "canceled class." You will have the option to show this or hide it from the class schedule.





Option 1: Change the End Date of the class.

In order to do this you will need to verify a couple of things first.

1. Click on the name of the class in the class schedule.

2. This will take you to a Edit Scheduled Class/Event page. Remove any assigned rooms by clicking on Clear all rooms.


3. On the Edit Scheduled Class/Event page, change the end date to a date AFTER the last date the class will be held.

If the box is white, you can change. If it is greyed out you will need to do the following:

a. Future class schedule changes are deleted. If there are future schedule changes, you will need to delete them by clicking on Make Schedule Change > click Delete to the right of the listed changes. A pop up will appear explaining what will happen; click OK.

b. Remove any future reservations are in the system. You can do this by clicking into the class sign in and clicking on the red "x" on the far left to early cancel your clients out of those classes. A red pop-up box will show asking if you are sure you want to cancel. Click Yes.

4. Once a & b above are done, click the title of the class on the class schedule. The end date box will turn white and will be editable. Change the date and click Save.


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Option 2: Use the gear icon to remove a class from the schedule.

Note the class is still technically scheduled, but will be scheduled as "canceled classes". You can see this canceled class in a few locations

  1. In the bottom of your Classes tab, in the Total classes this week, it will display an incorrect number.
  2. In Home > Services & Pricing > Navigate to your desired class > You will see it states # classes scheduled.

Here are the steps to remove a class.

1. The gear icon is found on the right hand side of the class schedule.

2. Click on the gear icon and a drop down will appear. Select Cancel or delete class.

3. A red pop-up box will appear. Select how many classes they wish to remove from the schedule.

*To fully remove the class, select "Cancel all following".

4. Select the date of the cancellation and the days they wish to cancel.

*To fully remove the remainder of the class from the schedule, be sure to click on "Hide from schedule".


5. Last steps are to hit "Preview Cancellation" and then "Complete Cancellation".


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