How can I change the location for a event/class?

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How can I change the location for an event/class?


Various situations may apply based on current, past future and multiple enrollments. See specific situation below and follow as it pertains to your site.


Situation 1. If no clients are enrolled in the past or the future of event/class

  1. In Business Mode, click on the Classes tab
  2. Click on the title of the class
  3. Change the Location Drop down to the location of choice
  4. Click Save


Situation 2. If there are clients enrolled in future reservation or it's a one day event

Step 1. Early cancel all clients with future reservations.

    • You can achieve this either by early cancelling each client individually...
    • Or by going to Home > Manager Tools > Cancel Class & Appointment Reservations and mass cancelling clients for that date range and teacher.

Step 2. You can then change the location by clicking on the name of the Event/Class and changing the location in the drop down box and saving changes.

Step 3. Re-enroll any clients you early cancelled.


Situation 3. Multiple Clients shown as registered for past events/classes

Change the end date off the currently scheduled class and start a fresh class at the correct location going forward.
Alternatively you can cancel all past reservations, change the location, and restore the cancellations.

**OPTIONAL: If there are a lot of people in the event/class, you can use the register tagged clients feature-see link to article in additional resources.


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