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This article will explain what information is available on the Class Sign-In Sheet



To get to the Class Sign In sheet

  1. Click on your Classes tab.
  2. Locate the date and time of the class that you wish to view.
  3. Click on one of the Sign In links to the left of the class name. 
    • What is the numbers next to "Sign In"? The numbers is a fraction showing how many spaces you have available out of the number of spaces open for the class. To turn this feature on or off, go to the Class & Enrollment Options page, expand the "Class Schedule Appearance & Options” section, check the "Business Mode Show Class Statistics" box, and click "Update."
  4. Under the "Class Sign In" sheet, start by searching for the client you wish to add to the class.

Click here for steps on how to sign a client up for a class.

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Client information found on the Class Sign-In Sheet

Here is a key to information found on the Class Sign-In Screen pertaining to clients: 

  1. The Red X on the left gives you the function to early cancel a client’s reservation.
  2. Icons and Alerts will display for the client in this column. In this example, the green star represents the client's first visit. If your clients are registering through a MINDBODY® app an icon will display as well. Click here to see what each icon means.
  3. If the client has an email address on file and you have an email provider entered into your computer settings (outside of the MINDBODY Software) you can click the envelope link to email that specific client.
  4. The Payment Type column displays if the client's reservation is paid for and if so, which pricing option was used to pay for it. You have the ability to edit by clicking change next to the payment type on this screen. This will only appear if you have two or more pricing options that can pay for the class. Click here to learn how to Reassign Payment.
  5. The Expiration Date column displays the expiration date of the pricing option used to pay for the reservation. NOTE: This is most applicable to unlimited pricing options.
  6. Remaining is how many sessions are left of the pricing option that was used to pay for the reservation or how many unpaid past reservations the client has in that service category. It represents the amount the client has on that pricing option now, not at the time of booking.
  7. The Web column will show if the client reserved their spot in Consumer Mode. If the box is checked, the client made the reservation in Consumer Mode, if the box is not checked, the reservation was made by a staff member in Business Mode.
  8. The Signed In column is available for you or your staff to check when taking attendance. There are also settings in the Class & Enrollments Options if you wish your clients to be automatically signed in.
  9. You have the ability to check the Late Cancel box if a client does not show up. If a client late cancels their reservation in Consumer Mode, the box will automatically show as checked.
  10. If your class used a waitlist, the Waitlist Confirmed column will show a check box for the clients that were added from the waitlist and you can check the box to confirm their reservation.

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Functions on the Class Sign-In Sheet

Here is a key to functions that can be performed on the Class Sign-In Sheet: 

  1. The class information including time, name and teacher will appear at the top. The "Link" will take you to the class schedule.
  2. Enter in or change the Assistant for the class using the dropdown.
  3. The Tools button allows you to print out the Sign-In Sheet.
  4. Previous and Next buttons allow you to navigate to other Sign-In Sheets on your schedule.
  5. Search for or add a new client to sign in allows you to search and add students into the class in business mode.
  6. The Sort by option allows you to organize the order the client appears on the “Class Sign In” sheet. Depending on your “Sort by” selection, clients can display in the order they signed up or alphabetically.
  7. You are able to enter a substitute or change teacher directly from the Sign-In Sheet. 
  8. Attendance Information is directly displayed for your convenience.
  9. The Adv. Register button allows you to enroll a student with a recurring reservation. By clicking on the button, you can enter the commitment for how long the client will attend this specific class.
  10. The two icons for +Tag Add and Tag New allow you to tag the clients on this Sign-In Sheet for purposes such as reporting or emailing them about class specifics.
  11. The Substitute link will take you directly to the Make Schedule Change page to enter in a substitution or teacher change. The Sign-In Sheet link will pop up a printable version of this Sign-In Sheet. The Attendance Report link will jump directly to the Attendance-No Revenue Report with filters enabled to show this class.
  12. The Buy button will take you directly to the retail screen and the View Account Details button will display the client account details page for that specific client. Learn how to pay for a class from the Sign-In screen here.

Note: There is multiple ways to customize the information that displays on your Class Sign-In Sheet depending on additionals features you enable, such as Children's Programs. Find these settings and more under your Class & Enrollment Options screen.

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