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Keep an eye on the login toolbar in the top right corner of your screen; it will help keep you up to date and organized by linking you to the tools you need every day.



  • The "My Tasks" section is only available in Pro software levels and above.





Want the latest news about MINDBODY features and software updates? Make sure to check out the notifications icon.

  • When MINDBODY sends you a message, it shows up here. A little red bubble over the icon tells you how many new notifications you have (1).
  • Just click the icon to open your notifications inbox. Click View to see the full text of any notification you want to read (2).
  • The new notifications bubble will disappear once you’ve clicked the icon, but current notifications stay put until you dismiss them by clicking the "X" above the View link.

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Contact Log Followups

Contact logs can help you track sales prospects and remind staff when they need to reach out to clients.

  • When new contact log followups are assigned to you, a little red bubble over the icon tells you how many new followups you have (1).
  • Just click the icon (2) to see the followups in your box. Summary view displays the total number of upcoming followups and overdue followups, organized by contact log type (Orientation, Billing, Upsell, Notes). You can click the numbers (or click Detail) to see the followups in detail view, which lists the specifics--the due date, the client's name, and any notes (3).
  • The contact log icon turns red when you have any tasks that are past due, and the due date and client name for these overdue tasks will also display in red.
  • Click any contact log entry to go to the contact log history in the client’s profile.
  • When you’ve contacted the client and no longer need the followup reminder, hover over the task and check the Complete box to dismiss it.
  • Overdue followups and their alerts will only be listed in the Login Toolbar for 90 days. After this time, they can still be found in the Contact Logs report.



You can even choose how these contact log followups display. Just click on the filter icon, and then click to select the view you prefer: ascending by date, descending by date, or alphabetically by contact name.


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My Tasks

Use the My Tasks icon to see what tasks have been assigned to you.

  • When someone assigns you a new task, a little red bubble over the icon tells you how many new tasks you have (1).
  • To view your tasks, just click the tasks icon (2). The icon turns red if you have any tasks that are past due, and the date entry for these overdue tasks will also display in red.
  • Check the box at the left of a task to mark it as completed. Completed tasks show up with a line through them (3).
  • If you need to edit the task or reassign it, click the task. In the Edit Task menu, you can change the due date, select a new task assignee, or edit the task description. Hit Update Task when you finish making changes (4).

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It’s nice to know help is there when you need it. The Help menu links you to the tools you need.    

  • MBU On Demand

MINDBODY University (MBU) hosts 3-day conferences in cities around the world, with business education tailored to our clients’ industries. MBU On Demand offers an online curriculum platform with unlimited monthly access to these courses and materials, and the flexibility to select what, when, and where you learn. Topics include demand generation, software optimization, client retention, staff management, financial planning, and overall business success.

Click MBU On Demand in the Help menu to go directly to your MBU On Demand account or to enroll today.

  • MINDBODY Support

Quickly access the MINDBODY Support Center right from your site. The Self-Service Center is full of articles and videos to help you set up, navigate, and troubleshoot your site. You can also discover new features and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Use the search suggestions to find the exact topic or question you’re looking for. 


  • Movies & Webinars

Watch a variety of how-to tutorials on the software.

  • Community Forum

The Community Forum is a place for you to connect with MINDBODY experts, as well as other MINDBODY subscribers. The Community Forum link in the Help menu takes you directly to the forum, without requiring you to re-enter your login credentials. Visit the forum to ask questions, find solutions, share ideas, and keep current with new features and updates.

  • Contact Us

Easily access our support resources right from your site:

    1. Click Contact Us.
    2. Check for your answer in the trending articles. If you'd like to browse more articles, close the popup window, and click on MINDBODY Support in the Help menu.
    3. If you're still not finding what you're looking for, click one of the contact options. 
  • Software Updates

Read articles on our latest Software Updates.

  • Create Shortcut

This will download a desktop shortcut that will take you directly to your MINDBODY site. 

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Time Clock

Clocking in and out has never been easier.

  • To clock in: Click the clock icon to open the menu, and then select your clock-in location and your time clock task. Enter any notes you wish, then hit Clock in to start your shift. (1).
  • To clock out: Click the clock icon to open the menu, and then click Clock out. You’ll want to do this at the end of each shift—including the start of your lunch break (2).

timeclock_2_1.png  timeclock_3_2.png

  • The notes below the button will let you know when your last clock-in or clock-out session began, and which time clock task (e.g., Manager, Trainer, etc.) you were performing. 
  • If you have the permission to clock others in or out, or to view and edit the time clock entries, you’ll also see links to these screens.


 Learn more about the time clock and time clock tasks.

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Login info and referrals

Use this menu to securely reset your password, or to update your personal information.

  • When you log in with a staff username and password, clicking your name will show you links that let you edit your staff profile or change your password.                                            
  • When you log in with your owner username and password, you will see a My Account Info link that lets you update your password and security information.             

At the bottom of both menus, you’ll see:

    • The "Log out of MINDBODY apps" link for logging out of multiple MINDBODY applications directly from your software. Click here to learn more.

    • A link that lets you refer a new business to MINDBODY. After your referral becomes a subscriber, you can receive MINDBODY Bucks!

    • The date and time of your last log in.

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