Classes: Cancelling, deleting, or hiding classes

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This article explains how to cancel, delete, or hide your scheduled classes.


  • This applies to classes only. To cancel an enrollment or event, click here.



Where to cancel, delete, or hide a class

On the class schedule, there is a gear tool icon to the right of each scheduled class.

  1. Go to your Classes schedule, and click on the gear icon to the right of the class you wish to make changes to.
  2. Click on Cancel or delete a class from the multiple options.
  3. When you select the Cancel or delete class option, a light box will appear.
  4. Choose the option that you would like:
    • Cancel this one class: Cancel just one session. This option lets you take one of many classes off the schedule. If clients are already enrolled in the session, then you'll have the option to view the roster, tag clients, and generate the Class/Event Cancellation Auto Email. You can also send an email to notify the instructor of the session.
    • Cancel a block of classes: Cancel a group of classes defined by a range of dates. You can choose the date range and the days of the week on which the class will be cancelled. After previewing the change, you can send an email to notify the instructor.
    • Cancel all following: Cancel every class from a single date onward. You can choose the date, but every instance of the class thereafter will be history. Er, cancelled. After previewing the change, you can send an email to notify the instructor.
    • Remove completely: Take the class out of your MINDBODY site. This option is available only for classes that were scheduled without any sign-ups, meaning not a single client has ever enrolled in the class. If at least one client has enrolled, then you can't remove the record of this class from your site.
  5. A second screen will ask you if you want the cancellation to be visible or hidden from clients. If wish to hide the cancellation at a later time, you can do so by using the gear tool to the right of the cancelled class.
  6. You can then complete the cancellation process.


Changing an End Date of a class

If you are cancelling the class because the class is no longer being held, it is better to END the class by changing the end date instead of just cancelling it.

  • This helps to not clutter your schedules in business mode.
  • If also improves the use of the resources feature

To change the End Date of a class:

  1. Select your Classes tab.
  2. Make sure that there are no clients scheduled into the class in the future (past the last date you want to hold the class).
  3. If there are scheduled clients, early cancel their reservations and notify the clients of the schedule change.
  4. Click on the name of the scheduled class you want to end.
  5. If you use rooms and resources, clear the room.
  6. Locate the End Date.
  7. Change the End Date to the last day that class will be held.
  8. Save your changes.
  • This will remove the class from your schedule after the new end date without affecting any historic data.

Some things that may prevent you from changing the End Date:

  • If you have future Teacher Change/Substitution scheduled for that class. You will need to delete these for all meeting times that would occur after the new end date.
  • Clients are enrolled into the class for future meeting times. You will need to early cancel their reservations and contact the client.
  • There are future dates that are scheduled to be cancelled for that class. You will need to delete these for all meeting times that would occur after the new end date.
  • The resource is still assigned to the class. You will need to clear the resource before proceeding.


Permissions Needed

  1. Go to Home> Manager Tools> Staff Permissions
  2. Select the Permission Group from the drop down
  3. Click on Manager Tools Permissions to open drop down
  4. Check box next to 'Manage class/event schedules'
  5. Also check box next to 'Manage Classes/Events descriptions' as the previous will only work when this is checked too
  6. Click Update to save

Note: This setting is available to the following software levels:

  • Accelerate and Ultimate Subscribers
  • Pro (Owner and Manager only).
  • Preset in Solo and Grow (Owner and Manager only). Not available to edit.





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