Classes: Quick Teacher Substitution

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If you change teachers often, you might want to use our Quick Teacher Substitution feature. Once enabled, a dropdown box will appear beside each teacher's name on the Classes screen. If you need to quickly put in a substitute, just choose the replacement's name from the list.


How to enable Quick Teacher Substitution:

  1. Go to your Classes tab, choose Tools, and select Configure Class Options from the menu.Configure_Class_Options.png
  2. Expand Class Schedule Options and check Enable Quick Teacher Substitution.
  3. Click Update.
  4. Log out and log back in.
  5. Click on the Classes tab.

After enabling Quick Teacher Substitution, you will now see checkboxes next to each teacher's name on the Classes screen. Use these to quickly change who teaches a class.
When you quick-substitute a teacher, the system will use their default pay rate to calculate numbers on the Payroll report. Make sure that you have set up default pay rates correctly on each staff member's Class / Hourly / Commission Pay Rates screen.
If using default payrates doesn't work for your substitutes, learn how to use Normal Teacher Substitution.

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