How do I assign a barcode ID from a key tag to a client?

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If you have purchased key tags from MINDBODY, the next step is to assign those barcode ID numbers to clients.


Assign a barcode ID to an existing client

  1. Look up the client.
  2. Go to the client’s profile.
  3. Click the Edit name menu.
  4. Next to the ID field, click Assign.                                                      Editname_assign.png
  5. A popup box will appear. Either scan or type the barcode number located on the back of the key tag.  Then, click Save.                                                Editname_assign_1.png
  6. Click Save on the top or bottom of your client's profile to save your changes.

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Assign a barcode ID to a new client

  1. Click in the Search for or jump to a client field, and then choose Add new client.                                  keytagID_1.png
  2. Click Advanced Add New Client Form at the bottom of the form. This brings you to the Add New Client screen.                                              keytagID_2.png
  3. Click in the ID field and scan or enter the client's ID from the key tag.keytagID_3.png
  4. Click Add New Client at the bottom of the screen.

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