Can my clients remove the "Pays For" relationship in Consumer Mode?

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There are two ways to set one client account to pay for another:

  1. In Consumer Mode, a client can add accounts for their family members from the My Info tab. They can then set these accounts to be paid for by their own account by selecting "Yes" next to "Paid for by . . .."
  2. In Business Mode, staff can create the Pays For relationship between client accounts.

Clients can remove the pays for relationship only if they originally created the other client’s account and set up the relationship in Consumer Mode. If the other client’s account was created in Business Mode, it won’t show up on the first client’s My Info screen, and the business will have to remove the relationship.

Note: One client can’t pay for another in Consumer Mode even with the “pays for” relationship established. This feature only applies at Retail under Business Mode.


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