How do I change what pricing option is paying for a client's visit?

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In the Account Details screen, a client's visit can be moved from one pricing option to another pricing option by reassigning the payment. To reassign the payment for a pricing option:

  1. Log in as the owner (or as someone with sufficient permissions).
  2. Look up the client.
  3. Select the Account Details option from the toolbar on the top right of the screen.
  4. On the Account Details screen, locate the pricing option that is currently paying for the client's visit. 
  5. Select Show Visits to the right.
  6. Find the visit in the Associated Visits section. 
  7. Locate the Reassign Payment menu to the right. 
  8. Select the pricing option that should be paying for the visit. 

As soon as the pricing option is selected, the visit will disappear from the page and will be associated with the pricing option you've selected.


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