What are the different sections of the Account Details screen?

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The Account Details screen lists all of details pertaining to your clients' purchases, like which pricing option they purchased and how it was used. Depending on the client's purchase history, you may or may not see the following sections on the Account Details screen. 

Unpaid Visits

The Unpaid Visits section displays in red, and shows you the classes and enrollments that the client has not yet paid for. 


Available for Use

The Available for Use section displays in green and shows you all of the pricing options on the client's account that they can use to pay for services. In order to be available for use, a pricing option must have remaining visits on it and it must not have expired.


The Inactive section displays in grey, and shows you purchases that have been used or have expired (e.g., a drop-in pass that has already been used to pay for a service).



The Contracts section displays all contracts on the client's account. You'll be able to see whether the contract was sold at the retail point of sale, or if it auto-renewed. You can also see the start and end dates of the contract, and link to its autopay schedule. The links on the far right allow you to suspend, terminate, or delete the contract. Suspended or terminated contracts will display in red, while any contracts that you delete will disappear.

Gift/Debit Account

The "GIFT/Debit Account" section displays any charges or payments that the client has made to his or her account.


How to edit and show visits

To the right of each pricing option, you'll see two links: Edit and Show Visits. 

The "Edit" link connects to the Edit Payment screen, where you can edit the duration of the pricing option and the number of sessions the client purchased. 


The "Show Visits" link connects to the client's Account History screen. This screen displays all of the visits that the pricing option is paying for. 


On the right side of the Show Visits screen, you'll have the option to early or late cancel the visit, or to reassign the visit to another pricing option. 


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