What is pricing option priority?

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Pricing Option Priority is a way for you to tell the system in what order you'd like it to use your pricing options to pay for your clients' services when they have multiple pricing options on their account that can pay for the same visit.

Example: A client enrolls in a yoga class, but has multiple pricing options that can be used to pay for the yoga class. The client might have both a 10-class yoga pass, as well as an unlimited 1-month yoga pass on account. If you want the client's unlimited 1-month pass to kick in first, rather than the 10-class pass, then you would set the priority of the unlimited pass to a higher priority level. 


  • The system considers the pricing option priority levels third among other set up factors that may determine the order.
  • If there are multiple pricing options that have the same priority, then the system will use the pricing option that was purchased first.
  • Only staff members who have with the "Pricing options, account credits, gift cards, contracts, packages" permission can view the pricing option priority level dropdown menu.
  • This needs to be done from advanced settings-Option 1 in order to update past sales.


The two most commonly used ways to set up a Pricing Option Priority are:

Option 1: Using the Advanced Option feature while creating or editing a pricing option.

  • Use this option if you need to update the priority of a pricing option that has already been sold.
  1. Go to your Home tab.
  2. Click on Services & Pricing.
  3. Click the Advanced Options link at the bottom while creating a new pricing option, or after you have selected an existing pricing option under Pricing located on the Services & Pricing menu on the left.
  4. Pick Yes next to “Need to configure more settings for this pricing option?”.
  5. Click on Save with Additional Options.
  6. Under the Pricing Options page, scroll to Advanced Options.
  7. Select the Pricing Option Priority level from the drop down box. You can set each pricing option on a priority scale ranging from low to medium to high. All pricing options are set to "Medium" priority by default.
  8. Click Save at the bottom of the page

Option 2: Going to the Pricing Options page under your Manager Tools.

  1. Go to your Home tab.
  2. Click on Manager Tools.
  3. Select Pricing Options found under the “Pricing” section.
  4. Use the drop down menu next to each item to set each pricing option on a priority scale ranging from low to high. Note: All pricing options are set to “Medium” by default.
  5. Click Save on the bottom of the page.

Note: Option 2 will not update past sales 


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