Can my staff's MINDBODY schedule integrate with their Google calendars?

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NOTE: Staff Members are not a feature with SOLO. 

Yes, they can! Your MINDBODY site integrates with Google calendar so that your staff's schedules can be automatically updated into their Google calendar.

How it works

Once you share your Gmail address to your staff profile in MINDBODY, your site will automatically sync data from your schedule with your Google Calendar. Visit your Google Calendar, and you’ll notice a new calendar titled “MBO_firstname_lastname” on the left side of the screen (e.g., “MBO_Valorie_Sherman”). This feature only shares data pertaining to the next 30 consecutive days in the future; changes made to sessions occurring in the past will not transfer over to Google. If a staff member doesn't have anything on the schedule, then nothing will copy over to his or her Google Calendar.

  • Appointments sync automatically.
  • Classes and enrollments will sync 30 days into the future, but must be refreshed manually each month and as necessary to reflect last-minute changes made in MINDBODY. To do this, just click the “Share” button on your staff profile from time to time.
  • This integration works only in one direction. Meaning that events on your Google Calendar will not be copied to your MINDBODY schedule.

For additional information, go here.  



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