Payroll Report Troubleshooting and FAQ

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This article will assist you with some general payroll troubleshooting. 


  • Changes made to appointment pay rates are retroactive, and affect historical payroll data.
  • Changes made to class pay rates require a schedule change.
  • Paying staff on a percentage-rate basis can lead to unpredictable pay when combined with unlimited visit pricing options or discounts.
There are several potential reasons why your teachers may not receive appropriate pay for the classes and appointments they've completed. A missing service, or $0 pay, often means a client's visit was simply never completed within the MINDBODY software, but occasionally it points to an errant setting deeper in the software.
When troubleshooting your payroll, start by looking at the Attendance with Revenue report. The Attendance with Revenue report, when used in conjunction with the Payroll Report, can point out services for which a teacher should have been paid.
When run in "View: By classes", you'll see a 'Teachers Paid' column indicating whether that teacher was paid for instructing the class or not. Other "views" on this report can be used for appointments: those views will list a 'No shows' column that identifies appointments which have not been checked out.
I've found a problem. What do I do next?
Once you've identified a problematic class or appointment, you'll need to determine why the teacher has not been paid.
In order, please complete each of the following steps:
  1. Check that the client has been signed in to class, or checked out for the appointment.
    • Optionally, you can enable the "Pay Teachers for No-Shows" setting through the Class & Enrollment Options screen. This will pay your teachers when a client misses class, or simply isn't signed in. Appointments, on the other hand, must always be checked out (or have payment applied) in order for the instructor to receive pay.
  2. Check that the proper pay rate is in use. Click here to learn about assigning class pay rates, or click here to learn about assigning appointment pay rates.
    • Found an improper pay rate? For classes, you will need to make a schedule change in order to correct the issue. Appointment pay rates can be changed at any time, and any modifications are applied retroactively to your payroll.
  3. Check that this pricing option is set up to pay the instructor. You can locate the pricing option in question from the classic Pricing Options screen, and will find the "Does the instructor get paid for this client?" option under Advanced Settings.
    • If this option has been mistakenly set to "No," your next course of action depends on how many of these pricing options have been sold. If it has been sold to a relatively few number of clients (in the range of 25 or less), you can simply return and resell the pricing option to the affected clients. For larger numbers, only MINDBODY Technical Support can update the pricing option en masse. As this can potentially affect other areas of your site, please contact us before taking any action.


How to update appointment pay rates, or why you see "deleted" on the Payroll report

Appointment pay rates are updated on the Payroll report in real time. This means any changes you make to an assigned appointment pay rate will alter your past payroll as well.

For this reason, and to maintain accurate records, we advise against changing existing appointment pay rates in Staff Profiles. Rather, you should unassign the appointment type that needs to be modified, and then reassign it to the appropriate staff member with the new pay rate. This will preserve accurate payroll records, while properly paying your staff the adjusted rate for future appointments.

After this change is made, any appointments made under the old pay rate will display under a "deleted" pay rate on the Payroll report.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on making this change.

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Why are staff members paid different rates for the same pricing option?

This indicates your instructors are being paid on a percentage-rate basis.

  • If the pricing option offers unlimited visits, then your staff will be paid varying amounts depending on the number of sessions redeemed. Click here to learn more.
  • If a client has purchased a pricing option at a discounted rate, then your instructors will be paid based off of that lowered rate. You can enable the "Ignore Discounts when Calculating Payroll" option through the System Settings section of the General Setup & Options screen, if desired. This will pay your instructors the standard percentage rate regardless of any discount given at checkout,

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Is there a way to zero out the payroll numbers for all staff once they are paid?

The payroll is an ongoing report, and there is not a way to "zero" it out once your staff have been paid. Rather, it is recommended that you keep a record of the date range for which your staff was last paid, then then run the payroll for the subsequent pay period.

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