How to prepare for a planned service outage

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To keep your site running in top form, we sometimes have to schedule service outages so that we can perform routine maintenance. We do our best to minimize the impact of these outages by informing you about them, and scheduling them at off-peak times. 



Preparing for downtime

We recommend printing your Schedule at a Glance report and your class sign-in sheets. This will save you time and ensure that you have accurate information during an outage.

How to print out your schedule

The Schedule at a Glance report will give you detailed information about all of your upcoming classes, enrollments, and appointments.

    1. Hit the Reports tab and choose Staff from the tabs on the left. Then click Schedule at a Glance to open the report.
    2. Select a date range.
    3. Set the filters according to your needs.
    4. Under Options, we recommend that you have all of them checked (i.e., Account balances, Sessions remaining, Phone numbers, Scheduled by, Rooms).
    5. Hit Go! to run the report.
    6. Click Export to PDF.
    7. Print the PDF file.

How to print out your class sign-in sheets

If you offer classes, you should print off each sign-in sheet. Printing the sign-in sheets will help you track which clients showed up, who has paid, and who still owes.

First, make sure you have the sign-in sheet set up to display clients’ phone number and payment status:

    1. Go to your Classes tab, then on Tools button in the upper right corner, and select Configure Class Options.
    2. Click to expand the Reservation System Policies section.
    3. Place a checkmark next to “Class Sign In - Show Client Phone Numbers” to enable it.
    4. Place a checkmark next to “Class sign-in sheet - Show pricing option details” to enable it.
    5. Click Update.

Next, print each class sign-in sheet:

    1. Go to your Classes tab and click on the Sign In link for a class.
    2. On the right side of the screen in the gray bar, click Sign In Sheet.
    3. A new window will pop up, allowing you to print the sheet.

When clients show up to the class, have them initial that they arrived. The sign-in sheet will indicate if they have paid or not. If a client is paying for their visit, you can track their payment directly on the sign-in sheet.

In addition to printing your schedule and class sign-in sheets, here are some other print-outs that might make it easier for you to track your clients’ visits and transactions on paper.

Once access to your site is restored, use the information you collected on the sheets to update your site. Enter all sales that were processed, check in all appointments, sign clients into classes, and enter any new client information.

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Processing transactions

Unfortunately, when your MINDBODY system is not available, you cannot process credit cards through your site. When you receive a notification informing you of scheduled downtime, there are a few steps you can take to prepare your staff members:

    1. Notify your staff members of the scheduled downtime.
    2. Prepare a simple document for your staff to track sales so that they can be entered into the MINDBODY system once the system has been restored.
    3. Set a plan for your staff members on how to handle clients that don’t have cash to pay for their services. If you choose to let clients pay on their next visit, record client information on paper and when the MINDBODY system is restored, charge each client’s account for the services. The account option is a payment method available in the Retail screen. When "Account" is chosen as a payment method, the sale will put a negative balance on client’s account. Click here to learn how to make a payment to a client's account once the client has paid.
  • To prepare for credit card processing downtime, click here to learn more about how to continue to track sales in your system.
  • If you have an external credit card processor, you can still run credit cards, but the sales will need to be entered into your MINDBODY system once your site is running again.

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Are planned outages covered by the 99.9% availability clause in the Terms of Service?

  • No. MINDBODY has a provision in our Terms of Service that guarantees clients >99.9% availability throughout your contract year. This means that we will not cause more than 8.74 hours per year of unplanned outage per year. Planned outages are not a part of this guarantee.

Will API still work if my MINDBODY site is down?

  • No. API information is pulled from your MINDBODY site. If your site is not available, then the API will not have information to pull from. This means that your custom apps and integrations, as well as MINDBODY Express™ and MINDBODY Connect™, will not be available during most outages.

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