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As a precautionary measure to keep your MINDBODY site secure, six failed login attempts associated with the same login (username) will result in a brief lockout period for the user. If you attempt to log in and fail to provide the correct login and password combination five times in a row, then the popup notification below will display. On the sixth failed attempt, your specific login will be locked out of your site for thirty (30) minutes. Careful, this thirty-minute lockout period begins from the time of the last log in attempt—if you continue to attempt to log in to your site, then the thirty-minute lockout period will reset.

What can I do to get into my site after I’ve been locked out?

Nothing. There is absolutely nothing that you or MINDBODY Technical Support can do to reverse the site lockout status. Your supervisor has the ability to create a temporary staff login should you need access to the site immediately. If you are the supervisor, then the owner can likely create a temporary login for you. 

How many tries does it take to get locked out of my MINDBODY Site?


How long will my login be locked out of the site?

Exactly thirty minutes from the sixth failed login attempt.



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