How can I save payment information during a credit card interruption?

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During merchant account down time, you can easily save credit card transactions and process them later. Read on to learn how.


Processing a sale while Merchant Account Processing is down

  1. From your Retail screen, ring up the ticket as normal.
  2. When you are ready to select a payment method, select Account as your payment method (instead of selecting “CC (Key/Stored)” or “CC (Swiped)” as you normally would).
    • The Account payment method option will reflect that this client now has a negative account balance. This will make it easy for you to know that your client still owes you money for the transaction.
  3. Save the credit card information to your client's Profile screen so you can bill their card later.
    • Look up the client, go to their Profile screen, and enter their phone and email if not already saved (in case you need to reach them later)
    • Click to expand the Billing Information section below.
    • Enter the Cardholder Name, CC Number, and CC Expiration (either manually or by swiping the card).
    • Click Save.
  4. Tell your client that you will bill their card when the credit card processor is back up.
  5. When you can run credit cards again, look up a list of clients that have negative account balances. To do this, hit the Reports tab, select the Clients tab on the left, and click on Account Balances.

Charging a client once the processor is back up

If you want to charge the credit card or ACH account of every client with a negative account balance using an autopay, here's what you do:

  1. Follow this menu path: Reports > Sales > Sales
  2. Update your filters:
    • Under Filter 1, Start & End Date should be the date of the outage
    • Under Filter 2, Update "Payment Method" to "Account"
    • Under Filter 3, Click "More" and check "Accrual & Cash Combined"
    • Under Filter 4, Click "Tag New"
  3. Follow the menu path: Reports > Clients > Account balances
  4. Update your filters:
    • Change "Show" to "Negative Account Balances"
    • Change "Billing Information" to "Clients w/Billing Information"
    • Check "Tagged Clients Only"
  5. The report will list every client with a:
    • Negative Balance
    • Valid credit card on file
    • That had a transaction ran to "Account" during the outage
    1. Click “Schedule AutoPays” (if you do not see this button, you may not have permission to schedule autopays)
  6. Check the boxes to the left of every client that you will charge
  7. You can choose to charge credit cards or ACH for every client.
  8. You can adjust the amount of the AutoPay.
  9. Notice the Date Field in the lower left corner; here you can set what date the AutoPays are scheduled to be run.
  10. Click the Schedule AutoPays button at the bottom.
  11. You will be taken to the AutoPay Detail Report, which displays the AutoPays that you just scheduled. You have the ability to delete scheduled AutoPays from the report.
  12. There is a checkbox at the top of AutoPay Detail Report titled Account AutoPays Only, which allows you to see AutoPays created just from the Account Balances Report (i.e., this new feature). AutoPay Detail Report is located under the Payment Processing menu. This feature can only be used by staff members with permission to Bulk Schedule AutoPays from Account Balances Report permission under Staff Permissions.

If you'd like to run these transactions now

  1. Click the checkboxes for all transactions you'd like to run.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click "Run all checked transactions now."



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