Average Revenue Analysis report

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This report is step one in a two-part process. The second step involves the Revenue by Class report.
This report analyzes how much revenue each of your pricing options generated for your business. It only shows pricing options that meet two criteria:

  1. The pricing option has been sold in the past 12 months.
  2. The pricing option has expired or has been entirely used.

Once you click Generate, or export the report to Excel, you cannot run the report for the same data again. After running the report on certain data, you can then analyze the data further on the Revenue By Class report.
You can see the last time that you closed out data by viewing the Last Run Date near the top of the screen.


Report location

  1. Go to the Reports tab and choose Sales from the tabs on the left.
  2. To narrow the list, select Sale Analysis from the filters, and then click Average Revenue Analysis to open the report. You can always use the search bar at the top right to search for Average Revenue Analysis by name, and if it’s a report you use often, then consider making it one of your favoritesSales_SalesAnalysis.png

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How to use this report

  1. Observe the Last Run Date near the top of the screen. This tells you the last time the report was generated. When you click Generate this time, the report won't show you any analysis before this Last Run Date.
  2. Click Generate.
  3. Observe the data. It breaks down how many visits were associated with each pricing option, and how much revenue was generated by each visit.
  4. To further analyze it, now to go the Revenue By Class report.

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Permissions that control access to this report

To view and run this report, the following permission must be enabled for you or your staff's login group:

  • Analysis Reports

To grant or restrict access to this report, just hit the Home tab and select Staff from the submenu. Choose Tools at the top right and click on Staff Permissions.


  1. Select a permission group from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on Report Permissions.
  3. Check or uncheck the box for the Analysis Reports permission.
  4. Click Update.

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