Voided Sales report

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This report generates a list of sales voided within your site. You can use the Voided Sales report to monitor staff who have access to manage sales.

Descriptive information on each voided sale is displayed. In the detail view, this report will tell you exactly which of your staff members processed the sale, and exactly who authorized its void. 

Important note: If a sale was run using a credit card or ACH and is returned in the results for this report, then the record is voided within your MINDBODY site. However, this does not necessarily mean that the transaction was voided with your processor. To learn more on voiding credit card and ACH sales, click here.




  1. Reports tab>Sales from the tabs on the left.
  2. To narrow the list, select Post-sale from the filters.
  3. Click Voided Sales to open the report.

You can always use the search bar at the top right to search for Voided Sales by name, and if it’s a report you use often, then consider making it one of your favorites



Open and close toggle buttons


This report looks at sales you have made within a window of time. To manually change that window's start and end date, you can either type the date in or use the calendar button to select the date. The outer arrows on the pop-up calendar change the year. The inner buttons change the month. You can also use the rolling averages feature described below.
You can filter by multiple business locations or find sales from your Online Store. Choose a location from the drop-down list. By default, the report is set to All Locations.
Checking this box includes autopays run during the selected date range. By default, this option is selected. When you uncheck the Include Autopays Checkbox, the report will list the POS sale for every contract--even contracts with autopay items.
Choose from the drop-down menu to run the report in Summary or Detail View, both described below under Report's results. By default, the report is generated in Detail View.
Accrual basis vs. cash basis: You can choose to filter the report by sales made on an accrual basis or a cash basis.
If you tagged a list of clients in the system, then checking Tagged Clients Only shows only sales of those clients who are on the tagged list. Click here to learn more about tagging.


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  1. Quantity of items sold
  2. Total amount received for each payment method
  3. Total amount received
At the bottom of the report's results will be a grand total for the quantity of items sold, grand totals for the amounts received from each payment method, total tax, and a grand total for the amount received.

  1. Date is the original sale date.
  2. Client name is listed and it links to client's profile
  3. Description is the name of the item or service voided.
  4. Sold by shows the original staff member to enter the sale.
  5. Voided by lists the name of the staff member who submitted the void.
  6. Notes lists any additional information made in the notes section during the void.
  7. Location is mostly applicable if a business has multiple locations listed in their MINDBODY site. It lists which location the voided sale was processed.
  8. Color is listed if the item in the original sale was a product.
  9. Size is listed if the item in the original sale was a product.
  10. Price of the item is listed.
  11. Quantity refers to how many items/services were sold, then voided.
  12. Subtotal is the pre-tax total listed.
  13. Discount—represented as a percentage and as a calculated amount, as applied to the sale
  14. Tax
  15. Total refers to the total amount make on the original sale, and then was voided.
  16. Paid refers to how much the client paid towards the total sale.
  • Totals for the quantity of items sold and amount received are listed below each payment method for each date. Totals for the amounts received from each payment method (for the specific date), and a total for the amount received, are displayed at the bottom of each date's summary of voided sales.
  • At the very bottom of the report, a grand total for the quantity of items sold, grand totals for the amounts received from each payment method, total tax, and a grand total for the amount received are displayed.

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To view and run this report, the following permission must be enabled for you or your staff's login group:

To grant or restrict access to this report:

  1. Home tab>Staff>Tools at the top right>Staff Permissions.
  2. Select the permission group you wish to assign access (i.e. Staff).
  3. Click to expand the Reports section.
  4. Check/uncheck the box on the right for Sales/Sales by Category/Sales by Services.
  5. Click Update.


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