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Mailing Lists enables you to export client contact information for emails (mass emails) and mailers, even print mailing labels directly from MINDBODY.

This report can be used for:

    • Generating a client list for your sales team
    • Printing mailing labels
    • Generating a list of client emails that can be used to send emails
    • Generating a list of clients that don't have emails
    • Generating a list of birthdays (Note: Generating a list of client's birthdays DOES NOT provide Year of Birth)
    • Generating a list of client anniversaries


Locate and generate the report

  1. Go to the Reports tab
  2. Select Clients from the tabs on the left.
  3. To narrow the list, select Marketing from the filters*
  4. Click Mailing Lists to open the report
  5. Set filters and select Generate the report.

*Note: You can always use the search bar at the top right to search for Mailing Lists by name, and if it’s a report you use often, then consider making it one of your favorites

This report defaults to clients opted into email reminders and notifications only. To pull a list of all applicable clients, change the Client's Opt-in Status to "All Clients."


Using the generate address box

Use steps 1-4 to generate an email from the list generated in the box on the left of the instructions. Note: When you copy the emails from the box, we recommend pasting the addresses into your email's BCC field. This will hide the mailing list from your clients.


Understanding the clients dropdown box

Mailing Lists contain the following predefined reports under the List Clients dropdown list. You can run each of these reports by simply choosing an option from the List Clients dropdown list and clicking generate.

  • All clients: This is the default. It lists all clients, active, and inactive.
  • Anniversary date between: This filter lets you see when a client's anniversary with your business is (e.g., May 11, or September 4). Use this option to filter the report to show which client accounts were created in your MINDBODY database on a month and day that falls between the two dates that you set here.
  • By Home Studio Location: This option is available for multi-location sites. When selected, you can choose a specific home studio location to filter out clients from other locations that may not be interested in your email or mailer.
  • Currently active: List of all accounts marked as active.
  • Currently inactive: List of all accounts not marked as active.
  • With birthdays between: List of all clients with birthdays between a start and end date that you set. When you select this option, another dropdown menu will appear on the left. This menu allows you to sort the report's results by All Clients, Active Clients, and Inactive Clients. By default, the report will be set to generate a list of active clients only.
  • With client creation date between: List of client accounts created on a specific day (e.g., May 27, 2013) within a user-specified date range (e.g., May 1, 2013 to June 1, 2013). This is different from the anniversary range because it takes the year the client record was created into account.
  • With pending contract confirmation: List of clients who have purchased a contract, but who have not agreed to the contract terms.
  • With first visit dates between: List of all accounts with first visits that fall within a date range you specify.
  • With incomplete address: List of all accounts with incomplete mailing addresses.
  • With logins: List of all accounts that have a consumer mode username and password.
  • With No Contact Logs: List of all accounts with no contact logs.
  • Without logins: List of all accounts that do not have a consumer mode username and password.
  • With selected type(s): List of all accounts with selected client types. A Client types menu will pop up. In the menu, choose "All types," or click to select one or more client type you want to filter by. To select multiple types, hold down the command key on your Mac, or the Control key on your PC, and click as many client types as you like. 




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