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Find out what your clients are doing in your MINDBODY site by running the Online Metrics report. This report will look a your clients' activity and provide you with a tally for the following seven actions for each day:

  1. Creating a new client account
  2. Logging into Consumer Mode
  3. Booking a reservation in Consumer Mode
  4. Booking an appointment in Consumer Mode
  5. Requesting an appointment in Consumer Mode
  6. Making a purchase in Consumer Mode
  7. Making a purchase in Consumer Mode using a gift card

Report's location: Hit the Reports tab and choose Clients from the tabs on the left. To narrow the list, select Consumer Mode from the filters, and then click Online Metrics to open the report. You can always use the search bar at the top right to search for Online Metrics by name, and if it’s a report you use often, then consider making it one of your favorites




Report's filters

  • Date Range
    • All: Tick this radio button to run the report for all dates.
    • Start Date: If you want to run this report for a range of dates, tick this radio button, and enter the date that you want to begin the range.
    • End Date: This is the end of the range.

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Report's results

When you generate the Online Metrics report, a date column will display listing every single date on which client activity took place in your MINDBODY site. To the right of the date column, a column for each of the following activities will appear with a count of how many times the activity occurred each day:

  • New Accounts
  • Client Entries
  • Client Booked Reservations
  • Client Booked Appointments
  • Client Requested Appointments
  • Client Purchases
  • Gift Card Purchases

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Permissions that control access to this report

To view and run this report, one of the following permissions must be enabled for you or your staff's login group:

  • Analysis Reports
  • Online Metrics

To grant or restrict access to this report, just hit the Home tab and select Staff from the submenu. Choose Tools at the top right and click on Staff Permissions.


  1. Select a permission group from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click on Report Permissions.
  3. Check or uncheck the Analysis Reports and Online Metrics permissions.
  4. Click Update.

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