Martial Arts Belt Promotion report

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This report is used along with the Martial Arts Belt Tracking feature, and is used to track which students are eligible for promotion. This report allows you to track your students' belt promotion progress, and access a list of those eligible to move to the next level.

This report displays: the date the student enrolled, the duration of training, his or her current rank, the number of visits and days he or she has maintained the current rank, the date of his or her last promotion, and if the student is eligible for the next promotion, then the date on which that promotion can take place is also listed.

You can also benefit from using this report in conjunction with Inventory on Hand report to ensure that you have enough uniforms and belts available for the upcoming promotions.

Report's location: Hit the Reports tab and choose Clients from the tabs on the left. To narrow the list, select Visits & Retention from the filters, and then click Martial Arts Belt Promotion to open the report. You can always use the search bar at the top right to search for Martial Arts Belt Promotion by name, and if it’s a report you use often then consider making it one of your favorites




Define your data:


To manually change the report's start and end date, you can type the date(s) in, or click on "Quick Dates" to choose from Calendar Months, To Date, and Rolling Averages.

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You can narrow the report's results by modifying the following fields:

  • Show Tagged Clients Only: If you previously tagged a list of clients in the system, then checking this box will display only those clients. Click here to learn more about tagging.
  • Class Type: To report on a specific class type, select one from this dropdown menu.
  • Belt Level: When creating belts, each belt has to be under a specific class type. Choose a specific belt to run the report for, or choose “All” to view all belt types.
  • Show Clients:
    • Who have made___or more visits under his or her current rank: When creating a belt, you can choose the number of days the student must be at that current rank before they are eligible for the next belt. This option will filter for a specific number of visits (or more) that the student has attended in his or her current rank.
    • Who are within___days of promotion, or outside the promotion time limit: This filter will select the clients that are within the range of being eligible, or have passed the set number for the time limit, for the promotion.
    • Who are eligible for promotion only: This will filter out the clients who have not yet met the requirements for the next belt.
  • Age Range: By default, this is set to “All ages.” You can change this filter to consider just those clients within a certain age range.

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  • Go!: This will make the report magically appear based on the filters that you set. If you click Go! and nothing happens, then your instructors have not completed any appointments between the Start Date and End Date filters.
  • Export to Excel: This will generate a spreadsheet containing the report's data in Microsoft Excel. To learn about exporting reports to Excel, click here.
  • Export to PDF: This will format the report’s results into a PDF file that can be saved to your computer. Printing directly from a PDF may solve formatting issues that arise when trying to print reports directly from an internet browser.
  • Save to DashboardClick here to learn about using the “Save to Dashboard” Feature.
  • Tag Add: Adds the list of clients displayed to the list of clients you have tagged in the past. Click here to learn about tagging clients.
  • Tag New: This deletes the old list of tagged clients (it doesn't actually delete the clients, just the list), then it adds everyone displayed to a new list of tagged clients. It's the closest thing we have to starting with a new list of tagged clients. Click here to learn about tagging clients.
  • Untag clients: This will remove any clients generated by the report from the tagged list. Click here to learn about tagging clients.
  • Constant Contact: You can use this feature to convert the report’s results into a new contact list in Constant Contact. Simply click “Constant Contact," give the contact list a unique name, and click "Export." You can find this newly created list in your Constant Contact account.

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Analyze your data:

  • Client: The client associated with this particular transaction. Inactive clients are not shown here. By clicking on the name of the client, you will be directed to the client’s Profile screen. If a client has more than one belt, then his or her name will be listed more than once.
  • ID: The client's ID, as it appear in his or her profile with your business.
  • Age: This is how old the client is based on his or her birthday as it appears in the Profile screen. This is displayed in a year/month format (e.g., 23y/3m). If a client's birthday field is left blank in his or her profile, then this field will be left blank in the report's output for that sepcific client.
  • Belt Size: This field pulls data from the "Belt Size" section of the client's profile screen. If this field is left empty on the profile screen, then this field will be blank on the output section of the report.
  • Current Pricing Option: This displays the last pricing option that the client purchased. If he or she does not have a current pricing option, then this will display his or her last unpaid visit.
  • Date Enrolled: This is the date of the client's first visit to your studio.
  • Duration of Training: This field is calculated from the date that the client enrolled, the "Date Enrolled" Field; it considers the date displayed in the "Date Enrolled" (e.g., 1y/2m).
  • Current Rank: This lists the Class Type - Name of Belt.
  • Last Promotion: This is the date of the last time a higher belt was awarded, as it appears on a client's Profile screen. In the case of demotion, this field lists the date that the client went up in rank—not down.
  • Visits at Current Rank: This is the number of times a client has been signed into a class at his or her current belt status (and class type).  
  • Days in Current Rank: This is the number of days a client has been at his or her current rank (belt).
  • Next Promotion: When you set up belts, you assign them a sort order to tell the system which belt is next or higher in rank. If the client has been at his or her current rank for longer than or equal to the number provided in the “days needed in current rank,” and has the correct amount of visits, then the client is eligible for the next belt. If he or she is at the highest belt in that class type, then the report says “Highest Belt Achieved.” If a client has not met these requirements, then this field should say “Not Eligible.”
  • Email Address: This section displays the client's email address. If a client does not have an email address in his or her profile screen, then this field is left blank.

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Permissions that control access to this report

To view and run this report, the following permission must be enabled for you or your staff's login group:

  • Analysis Reports

To grant or restrict access to this report, just hit the Home tab and select Staff from the submenu. Choose Tools at the top right and click on Staff Permissions.


  1. Select permission group from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click on Report Permissions.
  3. Check or uncheck the Analysis Reports permission. (Note: This will give access to all Analysis Reports.)
  4. Click Update.

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