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If you have the Assistants feature turned on, this report will help you track every staff member set up as an assistant. You can use this report to see what classes the assistants helped with, how much money you owe them, and the number of clients that they assisted.

The assistant pay will appear on the staff's Payroll report, however you will find more detailed information on your assistants using the Assistants Payroll report (i.e., the total number of clients who attended the class). Moreover, when the “Assistant is paid for by another instructor” option is turned on, the assistant's pay will only appear on the Assistants report.

Report's location

Hit the Reports tab and choose Staff from the tabs on the left. To narrow the list, select Payroll from the filters, and then click Assistants to open the report. You can always use the search bar at the top right to search for Assistants by name, and if it’s a report you use often, then consider making it one of your favorites




Understanding the report's filters

  • View: You can generate this report so that it shows all of your assistants or just one. If none of the assistants appear on the dropdown list, make sure that you have set up the feature correctly. Or try opening up the date ranges.
  • Detail vs. Summary: If you run this report in the Detail view, it will list every single class time and date that this staff member worked as an assistant. If you run the Summary view, then the report will show only a cumulated number of classes and clients that this assistant worked with. Both views list the full pay due to the assistant.
  • Start Date: You run this report for a range of days. This is the start date for the date range.
  • End Date: You run this report for a range of days. This is the end date for the date range.
  • Generate: This is the button you click after all of the filters above are set up correctly. It makes the report magically appear.

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Permissions that control access to this report

To view and run this report, one of the following permissions must be enabled for you or your staff's login group:

  • Payroll Report/Tips (All Staff)
  • Payroll Report/Tips (Staff can view their own ONLY)

To grant or restrict access to this report, just hit the Home tab and select Staff from the submenu. Choose Tools at the top right and click on Staff Permissions.


  1. Select a permission group from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click on Report Permissions.
  3. Check or uncheck the permissions, as applicable.
  4. Click Update.

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Click here to learn about report icons.

Note: If your report doesn't generate any assistants, try changing the start or end date. Also, make sure that you have the Assistants feature set up correctly.


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