Why does the Sales Tax report show less than what I calculated?

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There are some items that you might not have applied tax to. It's easy to forget to check the “Sales Tax” box to apply a tax to the item every time it’s purchased when you're creating a product in the system. To reconcile the situation for tax season, follow these steps:

  • Run the Sales report for the same date range you are running the Sales Tax report.
  • Filter the report by revenue categories, and select only the categories that are taxed.
  • After generating the report, scan the tax column and look for sales that were not taxed.
  • Make a note of any items that were not taxed.
  • Multiply those sales by the tax rate to get how much tax would have been charged on those items. Then, deduct this amount from total tax you think should have been charged. This will equal how much sales tax the Sales and Sales Tax reports show was actually collected.

To prevent this in the future, go to the Pricing Options screen, and edit those pricing options and products you did not apply tax to. Check the “Sales Tax” box and click Save to make sure tax is charged on these items in the future.



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