An account charge appears on my Daily Closeout report but not on my Sales report. Why?

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Here are four common reasons why the Daily Closeout report will not reconcile with the Sales report:

  1. You did not discount the Payment on Account item to 100% during a debt write off as stated above.
  2. You choose not to include tips in the totals on your Sales reports (this is an option on the General Setup & Options screen—Daily Closeout lists tips regardless of whether you include them in the totals on your Sales reports or not).
  3. You are using the Closed Data option instead of the Date Range option and ran sales after closing out, or you backdated sales after closing out.
  4. If you ever give studio credit to a client by selling the client a credit with a price of $0 and a credit greater than $0, then the sale will show up in your Daily Closeout report, but is harder to find in your Sales reports. This is due to the way accrual and cash accounting methods work. To track down the sale on  your Sales report, open the Sales report and select the blue "More” link under the "Accounting basis" section. Select "Accrual & cash combined," which catches strange cases like this.


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