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Playing favorites is fun. The Reports page in your MINDBODY site features a Favorite Reports tab where you can customize a dashboard of your most-used reports. What’s even cooler about this feature is that your favorites are unique to your login; meaning, each individual member of your staff can customize their own Favorite Reports tab.


How to “favorite” a report

There are two ways that you can mark a report in your MINDBODY site as your favorite:

  1. Access the Reports page and browse until you find a report you are smitten with. Locate and click the star just beside the report’s name. Hit the Favorites tab and notice your latest addition.
  2. If you’re using a report and realize that it’s one of your favorites, just hit the Add to Favorites button at the top of the report itself. It’ll turn yellow to show that it’s been clicked.

How to remove reports from the Favorite Reports tab

Alternatively, your feelings toward a “favorite” report may change. To remove a report from your favorites, just click the yellow star beside its name on the Favorite Reports tab, or click the Add to favorites button on the report itself. A grey star indicates a report not marked as your favorite



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