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Tagging is your database's ability to remember all of the clients displayed on a screen. You can then use the remembered list of clients in the future. Although the Tagging feature is slightly complicated, once you master it, you'll be able to run nearly any type of hybrid report that you can dream up. You can also use tagging to enter entire groups of clients into classes or workshops with the click of a button.

If you've used other software to combine the information from multiple reports, you know that you typically need to write down the names listed on the first report with pen and paper, and then compare the names you have written against the second report. This feature eliminates that hassle; you won't need to write down any names. The Tagging feature can remember everyone listed on one report for future use on a second, third, or even fourth report.

  • Available in Pro, Accelerate and Ulitimate Subscription Levels.



How can tagging help my business?


Tagging can cross-pollinate your reports. For example, you could find out how many people used your business only once in the past six months (Last Visit report), tag every client that is generated on the report, and then use our report that generates email lists (Mailers & Data Exports report) to contact everyone that has only visited once the past six months. You can tag your biggest spenders (Big Spenders report), then find out which of your employees are selling the most to just those big spenders (Sales report). In a nutshell, you can blend reports. You can drill down on a tiny subset of clients. Dream up a report and we bet you can create it with the Tagging feature.

Classes & Enrollments

You can use tagging to register a list of people into a class or enrollment with the click of a button. You can also use it to run reports on clients that are taking a enrollment or class. For example, if you have a enrollment that starts tomorrow and you want to see if anyone who's signed up for the enrollment still owes your business money, you could tag everyone on the Enrollment roster and then run a Account Balance report just on the people you tagged.

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How do I tag clients on reports?

  1. Log into the system with a login that has the staff permission to "Tag clients."
  2. Open a report under the Reports menu. If there are icons that say "Tag Clients (Add)" or "Tag Clients (New)," then the report allows for tagging.
  3. Generate the report with the filters you want.
  4. After the list of clients is displayed, click on one of the tagging icons:
    • Tag Add: Adds the list of clients displayed to the list of clients you have tagged in the past.
    • Tag New: Deletes the old list of tagged clients (it doesn't actually delete the clients, just the list.) Then it adds everyone displayed to a new list of tagged clients. It's the closest thing we have to starting with a new list of tagged clients.

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What do I do after I tag clients?

Now that you have tagged clients for one report, class, or enrollment, you can run reports later on just that list of tagged clients. Some of our clients will use the Tagging feature on as many as three reports to find out very detailed information (for example, how many Power Bars are our biggest customers, who only come in once a month, buying from the front desk on Thursdays.)

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How to use tagging for reports

On almost all of the reports under the Reports menu you can tag clients using:

  • Tagged Clients Only: If you check this box, the report will only generate a list of clients that meet the report's filters and who have been tagged.
  • Tag Clients (Add): You can add clients to the previous tag list by clicking this icon after the report generates.
  • Tag Clients (New): You can delete the old tag list and start a new one by clicking this icon.

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How to use tagging for Classes and Enrollments

On the Sign-In screen for an individual class and on each individual day for an enrollment, you can tag clients using:

  • Register Tagged Clients: Clicking this button will register every client from your tag list into the class or enrollment.
  • Tag Clients (Add): Clicking this icon will just add the people already in the class or enrollment to the current tag list.
  • Tag Clients (New): Clicking this icon will delete the current tag list and start a new tag list with the people listed on the sign in screen.

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Where can I tag clients?

  • Sign-In screen for individual classes, located in the top right corner. Tag everyone in a class.    
  • Roster page for a enrollment, next to the Enrolled Clients column header. Tag everyone taking an enrollment.                                                                                                                              

  • Nearly every report under the Reports menu. You'll know if a report allows for tagging if you see the tagging icons.                                                                                                                                      
  • You can tag an individual client from their profile page by clicking the icons located to the right of the name.                                                                                                                       


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What does it mean to untag?

After you create a list of tagged clients, you can pinpoint people on the list that you want removed. Just to be clear, this doesn't erase or deactivate clients. It simply plucks specific clients off the tag list.

For example, if you wanted to offer all clients a promotion, except for the ones with suspensions on their account, you could:

  1. Use the Client Lookup screen to generate a list of all active clients.
  2. Click on the Tag (Add) icon so the system remembers everyone listed on the tagged clients list.
  3. Check the box titled Suspended Clients.
  4. Generate another full list of suspended clients.
  5. Click on the Untag Icon, making the system remove all suspended clients from the list created in Step 2.
  6. Now you can generate a list of email address on the Mailers & Data Exports report of every active client that does not have a suspension on his or her account.

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Every login has its own tag memory

People you tag are only remembered for your login. If you log in as the owner and tag everyone in your Friday morning class, then that list of tagged clients will be remembered with your login until you click on the Tag (New) Icon. If you were to log out and another employee logged into your system, then they would not see the clients you tagged. If you grant other users the tagging permission, then they could tag their own clients. Tag lists are saved in your database and associated with logins.

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Click here to learn how to use the Modify Tagged Clients report.


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