Exporting reports to Excel

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You can export nearly all of your reports to a Microsoft Excel document. You don't need the Microsoft Excel software program to export the reports, but you will need the program if you want to view the exported Excel documents.

How to export to Excel:

  1. Go to the Reports menu in your MINDBODY system.

  2. Look up a report.

  3. You can export almost any report into Excel by clicking on the icon that looks like this: XLS2.jpg. If you don't see an icon, then you are looking at one of the few reports that cannot be exported into Microsoft Excel.

  4. You will then be prompted to save the report, now saved as an Excel document, somewhere on your computer.

Things to know about reports exported to Excel:

  • The reports are exported and saved to a specified location on your computer.
  • You need Microsoft Excel to view the reports.
  • You don't need Microsoft Excel to save the reports.
  • Depending on how many columns are generated in the report, they are not always "print friendly" right after being exported. You may need to change column widths, text size, or use the Print to Fit feature in Excel to print clean reports.
  • Excel documents can be imported into accounting programs such as QuickBooks. Please refer to your accounting program's help menu to learn how to import Excel documents.

Note: To learn how to print a report with or without using Microsoft Excel, click here.


Having difficulty?

  • A recent update to Excel can cause some reports to display as blank. If you disable Protected View in your Excel settings, this will usually resolve the issue. Here are the steps to do so:
  1. Open Excel.
  2. Click on File.
  3. Choose Options.
  4. Select Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings.
  5. Click on Protected View.
  6. Disable (uncheck) the first check box for Enable protected view for files originating from the internet.
  7. Disable (uncheck) the second check box for Enable protected view for files located in potentially unsafe locations.
  8. Press OK and then OK once more.
  9. Close Excel.
  10. Export file from Report in MB to Excel.

 To learn more about Protected View, please click here.

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